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Land your dream job and grow in your company

What are the courses like?

The fundamentals for Blockchain Fundamentals

We help you learn the fundamental architecture of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and what decentralisation really means in the market

All about smart contracts All about smart contracts

We guide you in designing and creating self-executing contracts with the terms of any agreement between parties being directly written into lines of code

End to end support Application development

Then we take it to the final level by combining it all and equipping you with the requisite knowledge to go out there and develop fully decentralised applications

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Training experience

7+ Years

Blockchain & AI experience

10+ Partners

Across the country

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Our training partners

From on premise workshops to online /webinars to live broadcasts to offline meetups and more, we are happy to work with an amazing array of partners.

Our trainers

With an experience spanning across start-ups, corporates, government, NGOs and universities, we ensure the best diversity for your learning environment.

Application-driven Learning

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Why should I enroll in these certification courses?

Blockchain and AI represent a major transformation for key industries such as financial services, real estate, healthcare, insurance, public sector and many more. The demand for experts in these technologies has grown significantly and by 2025, 18 per cent of the world's GDP will be on Blockchain technologies (Source: World Economic Forum). What this means is that not only will the possible use cases grow exponentially but also the demand for solid Blockchain as well as AI engineers is going to skyrocket.

Who should take these courses?

There is a great deal of excitement globally surrounding the opportunities that Blockchain and AI offer across a wide range of industries.

The course is ideal for anyone with a technical background, including:

  • Developers
  • Project managers
  • Technology or solution architects
  • Support professionals
  • Team leads
  • Product managers
  • Business analysts
  • CXOs / Senior Leaders

What are the prerequisites for the hands on Blockchain / AI training courses?

Anyone with a technical background and fair understanding of programming concepts can take the hands on training course.

Prior knowledge of the following technologies would be helpful:

  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Node.js Fundamentals
  • JavaScript
  • Basic Computer Algorithms

Do the courses cover hands on training as well?

It is an optional thing. So yes, if you want to go for hands on training, you can certainly choose it when signing up. Our Blockchain certification courses offer hands-on training covering not just Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, but also Multichain scenarios. From a technological standpoint, you will develop a strong grasp of core Blockchain as a platform, understand what it is and how it works, learn key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing Blockchain, and understand why companies are motivated to create usecases with it.

What's the main difference between the online and offline courses?

The primary difference will be in terms of the mode of delivery and the extent of personalisation. Since the offline course involves a trainer that would teach in a classroom model, hence you can actually ask questions in detail on a one-to-one basis to the trainer. While the online course will offer you the flexibility to learn at the convenience of your home whenever you want.

What if I have doubts after the course has been completed?

Once you have started your course (be it online or offline), we will add you to our learning communities and groups that have the best trainers and students already. These groups will stay active for the entire duration that you wish to learn and discuss. Hence, you can continue to pose new ideas, thoughts and queries to the same groups long after you have done your course!

Do you also offer support in placement?

Absolutely! Our main objective is to up-skill and prepare you for your dream career in any of the latest deep technologies viz. Blockchain, AI or IOT. For assisting you in placement, we have tied up with Hiration to offer their services to you for free once you complete the course! You will get full access to their custom resume builder as well as personalised help on your CV, depending on the job that you are applying to.

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