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Believe in the power of blockchain

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What is Blockchain? What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block typically contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block a timestamp and transaction data.

What is decentralisation What is decentralisation?

Decentralisation describes how the power to take decisions is allocated among various levels in the organisation. It refers to the dissemination of powers, data, functions & more away from a central location.

How is this useful? How are these useful?

Blockchain can help you leverage the power of decentralization at the fundamental level, making your venture or project highly secure, robust and scalable while having the right financial incentives for your community.

How do we add value?

The foundation for Blockchain Laying the foundation

We help your management team understand the fundamentals of blockchain and what decentralisation really means. This helps in a strong foundation when you compete in your market

Blockchain for Enterprise Enterprise blockchain

We develop elegant blockchain solutions and platforms to empower successful businesses into new technology spaces. Our team of engineers provides full service blockchain development.

End to end support End-to-end Support

From helping create your white paper to helping clarify all legal regulatory points to finally helping you market your project in the right way, we go the full length side by side with your team

5+ years

Blockchain experience

18+ years

Legal experience

5+ partners

Across the globe

Our 'stellar' partners

From infrastructure level to distributed ledger foundation pioneers to application design companies, we bring all of them to the table

Meet our team

Serial Entrepreneurs, State of the art developers, Creative Designers and Experienced Counsel.

We have physical presence across India and the US.

Rohit Taneja BirthVenue

Rohit Taneja

Serial Entrepreneur with a long term vision to solve the hardest problems

Anish Vohra BirthVenue

Anish Vohra

Lawyer with deep knowledge of ventures and blockchain processes

Mrudav Shukla BirthVenue

Mrudav Shukla

Blockchain developer with strong fundamentals of coding frameworks

Sabarish Nair BirthVenue

Sabarish Nair

Blockchain analyst with key focus on protocols & scalable industry solutions

Meet our advisors

Cryptography experts, Blockchain architects and more..

Anand Kumar BirthVenue

Anand Kumar

With a career focused on advising companies, entrepreneurs, venture capital and PE firms.

Sharat Chandra

Sharat Chandra

President of India Chapter, GBA, helping governments understand and adopt blockchain

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